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Recent Customer
Creative Pass is a great value!
I have really enjoyed using the textures and fonts Highly recommend!
- Adam Gabriel
My new favorite assets!
Found these on TikTok and just wanna say they’re my new favorite assets. Easy to use and all my followers love em.
- @cyberia
Spice up any frame!
I use these to spice up any frame, love the titles included!
- Koby Rodriguez
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Creative Pass and what is included in the subscription?

Creative Pass is an all-in-one platform for content creators, providing professional video assets, including: video effects, presets, music, sound effects, motion graphics, and plugins. Each month there is a new drop of hand picked creative assets created in collaboration with notable creatives in various industries.

Can I use Creative Pass assets for commercial use?

Certainly! The majority of assets are fully approved for commercial use. However, there's a smaller subset of image and video assets tagged as "Editorial use only". This means they're not authorized for commercial purposes, such as advertising, cinema, or any other forms of paid media.

How does the unlimited download license work?

As a subscriber, you have the privilege to utilize unlimited assets from the marketplace for any number of projects. However, if you choose to end your paid subscription, your ability to use the downloaded assets in new projects will cease.

Can I cancel my account?

Indeed, by downgrading to a complimentary account, you will not incur any further charges. This, however, will limit your access to free video assets only.

What happens to my distributed videos after canceling my subscription?

Every video that has been produced and released while your subscription is active remains protected under our Terms of Service indefinitely.

Which subscription options are available?

There are both monthly and annual subscription options available for you to choose from. Opting for the annual subscription can result in savings of over $100 annually as compared to the monthly plan.

What does the license cover?

The provided license encapsulates a wide range of projects, encompassing social media marketing, monetization, advertising, and full-length feature films. As a paid subscriber, any video assets employed in your projects throughout the duration of your subscription are permanently protected under this license. You can gain a better understanding by reading more about our Terms of Service.

Do you offer discounts for students?

Indeed, the Creative Pass is free for students for the initial four years following account activation. To have your account activated, please ask your school to reach us via email.

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